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What do you do?

I’m an illustrator. I guess I would call myself a fashion illustrator.

Nailpolish theme

Describe your art.

It’s very traditional, I guess, because I use pencil and ink. They’re kind of candid images, sort of caught in the moment.

What inspires you? Do you think it comes through in your work?

Uuh, fashion magazines: Foam, Vogue, Ellle, Frankie, Rush; even just a lot of street press, I find really inspiring, City Mag. Things that are captured beautifully, captured photographic moments. I think it definitely comes through in my work. It’s not any one thing; it’s just the whole vibe. I think you can certainly tell what kind of person I am through my illustrations. What I want people to see me as…

Do you find that the characters you draw represent you i.e. your shyness and your modesty?

I think I draw people who are more stylish and better looking than me [laughs]. They’re so different from me, it’s like I’m drawing someone from another world. Beautiful, glamorous, socialite.

Do you have a favourite piece?

Um, noo. I think every piece I’ve done, after I finish it, is my favourite and then I’ll hate it like a week later [laughs].

What kinds of comments do you get from audiences and family and friends?

Uh, I get positive comments, but then sometimes I think, are they just saying that because they’re my friends? [laughs] Sometimes I do miss that critique that you get when you’re at uni; but then again, I’m pretty hard on myself. I’ll re-do something a few times if I’m not happy with it, and my mum or a friend would be like, “it was fine in the first place, why did you bother?” but I have to think it’s okay. That’s the good thing about anxiety [laughs] you can rely on yourself for an honest and harsh critique.

What do you think appeals to people about your work?

I think people can relate to it because it’s quite modern; it kind of compliments street style photography, but with illustration. And the clothes in the images are street wear so people can find themselves in the pictures.

Do you have a type of piece that seems to get more attention than others?

Yeah, it’s always pieces that aren’t actually my favourites. Sometimes someone will contact me about something they’ve seen on my blog, and be like ‘I want it like this one’, and I’m like ‘really? That one?’ which makes me sometimes question my own…but I think you need to stay true to what you think is right, because they’re coming to your vision.

Do you have a favourite place to create?

At my kitchen table; it’s actually really ergonomically bad buut it’s just really bright, because we have a hexagonal room with all glass, and the TVs there, and it’s near the fridge so… I’ve actually got a proper desk and chair in the shed, but it gets really dark in there, so I just prefer sitting at the table.

Describe your creative process.

I sort of composite images, so I’ll do the drawing and do the ink separately, and then composite them on my computer. But it’s mainly all by hand, because I’m pretty terrible with computers. I just don’t like sitting in front of the computer for ages. I remember my illustration teacher telling me “you’ve got to feel the paper to the pencil” and I do think that stuff’s important. And I’m faster by hand than with a computer any way. I like it; I think people are going back to crafty, handmade things because everything nowadays is so modern, so it’s refreshing, sometimes, to see something more natural. That said – if I could do something on a computer I would, but it’s hard [laughs]. It’s so cool when you think of the classic masterpieces and think that they did that all by hand. Just think of the mental anguish they would put themselves through! And if they made a mistake, they had to start again!

Daniella Caruso’s illustration featured in Company magazine

What constitutes as your first piece?

I don’t know, I’ve been drawing my whole life, so I couldn’t really tell you… um, I think when I was in year 10 and I did art; I did a few pieces. And I did this one drawing with flowers, and I did it with colour pencil, which I don’t even use now, because coloured pencil is quite difficult. I’ve still got it, and I look at it still now and I’m like “that’s pretty good”. I’ve always been told that I’m a good drawer but I needed to feel good in myself and I think that picture made me feel like, okay, yeah, I’m okay at this. The first picture I sold? I don’t think I would’ve been very happy with it [laughs]. A lot of stuff I did at uni I wasn’t very happy with, because you want to be the best you can be but you’re kind of still learning.

How does your last piece compare to your most recent piece?

I think earlier on I was very focused on things looking exactly as they did in real life whereas now I’m like, they don’t have to…sometimes it’s better if they don’t. If you put your own spin on it, it can actually be more effective. You know like splash ink across it and make it more your own.

What do you want people to take from your work?

Well, I look at the work of a lot of other illustrators and it inspires me, I guess I’d like for other illustrators or people who want to do illustrating to be inspired by my work, even in like a mood board sense. That would be cool. ‘Cos I guess I kind of create more pretty pictures, I’m not really talking about any issues.

What do you hope happens in the next year?

I just want to be working more regularly in illustration. I think I could get more work if I just pushed myself. By being shy and not putting myself out there, I’m only harming myself.

Where can we find your stuff?


instagram: daniella_draws

You can also contact Daniella via

email: caruso.daniella@hotmail.com


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